Plant & Tree Health Care

Plant Healthcare

At Chapman’s Tree Service Inc. we do more than just remove and trim trees, taking care of types of trees and shrubs is one of our primary focuses. The health of your plants is important to us and our certified local tree arborists are experienced in diagnosing and treating different types of diseases that are common in the town of Marietta, GA and surrounding areas. That’s why we offer various methods for tree and plant healthcare services. Once we have identified any issues you may have with our tree health evaluation, we can formulate an effective treatment program to bring the plants back to health and keep them alive in the future.

Healthy Trees for Life

Have you recently moved into a new home? Or have you just realized that your current home will be your permanent residence for life? If you’re looking to have healthy, beautiful trees that will last for the rest of your years or more, Chapman’s is here to help. Our arborists are certified in the handling and revitalization of trees that will assist in their growth. The goal with every project is to help your trees become self-sustaining overtime without the need of maintenance after a certain age of your plants’ life.

How To Take Care of Trees and Plants

How do we take care of our beloved trees? How to make a tree healthy again when it seems unchangeable? First we diagnose the trees’ health to discover the conditions and any possible disease that may threaten its’ life. We then conclude all the variables and assess the most effective way to restore back to health. If we find that no conditions are present, we simply inform the owner and advise against any further tree health care or maintenance.

Common Tree Health Problems in Georgia

Amillaria Root Rot & Anthropogenic Leaf Spot Diseases

Two of the most common unhealthy tree issues in the Marietta area are Amillaria Root RotAnthropogenic and/or Leaf Spot Diseases. Amillaria Root Rot is a fungus that attacks both softwood and hardwood trees and shrubs. Amillaria Root Rot attacks trees that are weak from competition, pests or climatic factors. It can also attack healthy trees and kill them or make them more susceptible to other insects or fungi. If your hardwood timber varieties are showing signs of dead areas or blotches on the leaves, they may be infected with any of these diseases.

Southern Pine Beetle Infestation

Another common problem in the Atlanta area is Southern Pine Beetle infestation. These pests attack pines in the south and can cause serious damage. The beetles bore under the pine bark and destroy the cambium layer of the trunk.

Tree Problems Diagnosis

Diagnosing any of these diseases or unhealthy tree conditions is the first step into finding a solution. We provide a complete tree health evaluation and assessment that is thorough and concise. Not all trees are salvageable however, our team is effective at prolonging life and in many cases saving the lives of trees. With our 30 years experience in the industry our techniques and expertise is precise in methodical tree health care and rejuvenation.

Solutions for Unhealthy Trees

There are some companies where removing a tree is the only solution to disease. However, here at Chapman’s we believe in finding a way to salvage the life of trees. In any variance of disease, there may be cases where trimming certain parts of a tree will help regain its’ health overtime. The are other instances where pruning specific areas of trees where leaves are diseased to ‘shrink’ the tree or ‘restart’ the limb growth. Both of these aspects allow the tree to conserve energy and replenish it’s nutrition, thereafter regrowing new branches and leaves. If a diseased tree threatens the lives of other trees within close proximity we may consider tree removal as the best case scenario.

Contact Us For Free Tree Health Inspection

If you have any questions or you would like a free estimate on tree problems diagnosis, please contact us today via phone or online contact form. You will then consult with a local tree arborist from our team who can evaluate your trees and their current conditions.