Tree Services

At Chapman’s Tree Service Inc. we provide homeowners in the Marietta area with all types of expert tree services. Our licensed and bonded arborists are able to help you with any type of tree related issues you may have. Our services include tree trimming and pruning for when your trees are healthy but starting get out of control. We also offer tree removal if the situation calls for it. This would include if it is becoming a danger to the home or surrounding trees or if the tree is no longer healthy enough to survive. Once a tree is removed we can provide stump removal services so you can get that portion of your yard back.

We also offer emergency storm cleanup services if your trees are damaged during a large storm or even if they have been knocked down or lost limbs and have damaged property.

If you are unsure about what type of services you may need, one of our arborists can provide you with consulting services. This could include helping you decide what type of trees to plant or helping you make a decision about keeping / removing trees or just how proper maintenance can keep your trees healthy. Our services are not limited to trees, we also offer plant health care consultation services if you have shrubs or other outdoor plants that are having problems.

Please follow the links below to get more information about the tree services we offer.