How to Properly Water Your Trees

We have noticed that a lot of people tend to believe that spraying water on and around a tree will water it effectively. This is not the case and will not water your tree effectively. Today we are going to discuss why this method is wrong, and tell you the proper way that a tree is watered to ensure it is getting all the moisture that it needs to grow happy and healthy.

The wrong way to water your tree, and why

When someone waters their tree, they often are only getting the surface of the ground wet. This will make it so it appears that the ground in and around the tree has been watered, and is getting all the water that it requires in order to stay healthy. This is wrong because many do not consider how deep a tree’s roots go. When this happens, it is because a lot of water is put on the ground at once, and no time is given to the ground to let the water soak in. This makes it so that most of the water is getting to the grass and plants which the roots reside close to the surface, and not to the tree roots themselves, which reside deep in the ground and can stretch out far from the tree itself.

The right way to water your tree, and why

The right way to water your tree is actually a much longer process than a lot of people follow, and it depends on a large array of different factors which determine what the tree needs and how often it needs it. However, the watering method does not change, only the frequency, and that is wholly dependent on the species of tree you have.

When watering your tree, you should do the opposite to what is typically done when watering smaller plants whose roots do not go deep into the soil. You should allow a slower flow of water to reach the soil, in a large area around the tree. This will allow the water to permeate the soil and the moisture will then travel deep, down to where the tree’s roots are actually at. Some of the things which can be utilized in watering a tree properly are sprinklers or drip irrigation. If you elect not to use any of these watering methods, you can water the tree more simply by having a hose running on the soil surface.

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