Caring For Trees During The Summer

It is crucial to care for your trees during the hot summer months, as they provide a large portion of shade in and around your home. This, in turn, keeps your home, and the surrounding yard, cooler.

During the summer, when there is less rain, your trees are at their most vulnerable state. It is important to take note of this when preparing a checklist for proper tree care.

First and foremost, Summer consists of a large portion of our dry months, with little to no rain occurring. Due to this, you may find it necessary to water your trees. Take a look at our tree care list below to make sure you are properly caring for your trees.

  • Pruning– This is essential in slowing the growth of limbs, or removing damaged limbs from a recent storm.
  • Mulching- Used mainly for aesthetics, this does indeed have a practical use. Adding mulch to the soil around the tree will keep the moisture in the soil, and keep the growth of any weeds or things that should not be growing next to your tree at a minimum.
  • Unwanted Critters- It is important to know that different insects have the potential of harming your tree, such as the Japanese Beetle. These critters can feed off your tree reducing the tree’s health as a result. If you find any critters or insects on or near your tree, it is crucial that you call us so an arborist can work to ensure your tree is healthy again.

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