5 Steps For Healthy Trees This Spring

Spring is finally upon us here in GA and it’s important that you prepare your trees for the spring and summer ahead. Take a look at our list of 5 steps you can take to protect your trees this year:

1. Clean Up

Kick off the new growing season with a quick spring cleaning – for trees. Rake and gather debris that collected beneath trees over winter, such as small twigs, leaves or fallen fruits. This is especially important with trees susceptible to fungal diseases.

2. Mulch

A layer of mulch helps the soil retain moisture and suppresses weeds. It’s most crucial when caring for younger trees, ones that have been in the ground up to 10 years, but it’s OK to mulch older trees, too.

3. Water

Even though it seems like you never have to water trees, watering your trees can help promote quick healthy growth throughout the spring.


Pruning trees can promote healthy growth while also getting rid of ugly dead spots. If you’re unsure whether a branch is dead, wait until the tree leaves out. Dead branches are easy to spot once leaves unfurl.

5. Inspect

Before leaves appear, inspect tree trunks and branches, looking for signs of disease or damage. If you notice any dead limbs or discoloration then you should have our experts come out to access whether the damage is threatening the tree.